In-Plant Office Buildings

Efficiency taken to new heights - Our industry leading in-plant office buildings are a great alternative to conventional construction. In-plant offices provide a much faster and more flexible alternative to space planning needs for office or meeting space at your existing facility. No need to incur the cost of an architect or engineer, because our buildings are pre-engineered for faster delivery lead times.

1Source will provide a custom designed modular office solution that is pre-engineered and manufactured to precisely fit your application. And, while it fits your application today, 1Source's line of modular office solutions are designed with the future in mind. Because business needs change, your system will be designed with the flexibility to adjust with those changes. When you choose an 1Source modular structure, we will deliver materials that are pre-cut, mitered and completely finished so that your project will be installed in a fraction of the time of conventional construction with no mess, dust or debris.

Pre-Engineered office systems can be used for a wide variety of applications. The flexibility and structural integrity of pre-engineered construction allows for virtually unlimited uses, including: Supervisor Offices, Clean Rooms, Executive/Administrative Offices, Parts Distribution/Equipment Areas, Computer Rooms, Personnel Offices, Conference Rooms, Lunch/Break Rooms, Quality Control Rooms, and much more.

Advantages of Modular vs. Traditional Construction

1Source's line of Pre-Engineered structures feature several advantages over traditional "stick-built" and block construction. The structures are engineered for easy installation and relocation while providing the structural integrity and strength of conventional construction. A summary of the advantages of Pre-Engineered construction are listed below:

· Flexibility - Wall panels and framework are pre- finished creating a system which is 100%reusable. This makes modifying and expanding existing offices quick and easy.

· Pre-engineered -Wall systems allow for multiple configurations including two-story offices, load-bearing systems and single person portable offices.

· Structural - Wall systems are engineered to be durable and maintenance free. We can design offices to meet the most demanding conditions including seismic loading requirements.

· Installation - Walls and framework ship pre-finished and cut to size allowing for quick installation with minimal disruption the surrounding workspace. Each system will include a detailed CADD drawing and material list. The components are individually labeled allowing for easy identification of parts.

· Taxes - Products can be fully dismantled, relocated and reassembled. This mobility allows our products to be classified as tangible property with a seven (7) year depreciation life (in lieu of the 39-year life of conventional construction).

1Source also offers a full line of portable exterior structures that can be used as Toll Booths, Security Guard House, Kiosks, Ticket Booths, Smoke Shelters, Airport Rental Car Offices, and much more.