Pre Engineered Metal Buildings

Save Time and Money - Are you planning a new facility or an expansion at your existing location? Pre-engineered metal building systems engineering and fabrication methods help reduce interim financing costs through faster construction schedules and minimize field labor expense. Plus, you get the added benefit of earlier occupancy and a head start on day-to-day operations.

Pre-engineered metal buildings offer advantages that reach far beyond traditional construction.  Cost savings begin on the during the design stages and continue well into the life cycle of your building.  Systems engineering, and fast-track fabrication, and quicker field construction reduce interim construction fianancing and minimize labor expenses, and that means you occupy your building sooner, getting a jump on your own operations and sales.

Although the most versitale and cost effective construction for institutional and industrial buildings, value and efficiency no longer means your builidng has to look boring.  State of the art and sophisticated "looks" can incorporate all types of modern and traditions building finish materials that can provide dramatic effects to your finished building.

1Source has teamed with some of the nations top manufacturers to provide you with all the options you could possibly imagine.  1Source's management as ownship and management responsibilities of a design-build/construction management firm that boasts 40 years of general contracting experience.  So we can provide all the assistance you need, form design to construction services, to make your new building or addition meet all your goals.